Two Factor Theory

Topics: Motivation, Victor Vroom, Expectancy theory Pages: 3 (842 words) Published: May 30, 2013
This assignment will begin by a brief introduction and a review of Herzberg's Two Factor Theory of Job Satisfaction (Hygiene factors - Motivators) and also of Vroom's Expectancy Theory. I shall then attempt to compare and contrast the two theories determining answer whether in general cases the two should or should not be combined and applied together with reasons. At the end a direct discussion of the two theories and my business will be carried out, and a conclusion will be drawn how the two theories can be adapted into my organisation.

Two Factor Theory by Herzberg as its name suggested the theory indeed is divided into two parts. First part being the Hygiene factors or sometimes referred to as Maintenance. Extrinsic factors meaning they come from the environment of the task/job and the person carrying the task, and not from the person himself nor the task itself. By fulfilling these factors, workers have no dissatisfaction, vice versa the theory suggests that if these factors are in absent, workers will have dissatisfaction. Hygiene factors are basic requirements from workers, in which the organisation must provide and 'maintain" in order to motivate and share good relationship with workers in the long run. Hygiene factors are indeed called extrinsic factors because they are factors such as salary, job environment; job security, company's policies and benefits, and so on. Simple explanations, one's salary should be at the same level of those having the same job in the same industry. The job should provide good environment making the person will secured, hence has no dissatisfaction. In the case where one's salary is too low, one is likely to be dissatisfied and then likely to be demotivated.

Second part being the Motivational factors, whereby these factors are much more personal, derived from within the worker himself; and because of that, to Herzberg motivational factors unlike the hygiene factors are regarded as motivators and also referred to as...
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