Two Faces Beyond the Future

Topics: Greenhouse gas, Carbon dioxide, Natural gas Pages: 3 (787 words) Published: February 14, 2012
Writing Workshop: Paragraphs

Topic Cities of the Future: The Year 3000

Form and Purpose A paragraph that explains and/or describes changes in future cities

Audience Readers of a general science magazine

Length One paragraph

Focus Introduce the topic and main idea in your first sentence. Then describe details about how cities will change in the year 3000.

Sources Books and encyclopedia articles about architecture of the past, present, and future

Prewriting Brainstorm by listing the ways that the cities will change. Number those changes in order of importance, least to most important, and develop a main idea.

Writing Use your notes to write a first draft. Use parallelism in a concluding sentence.

Revising Revise your paper using the checklist on page 514. Concentrate on improving coherence and unity

Two Faces Beyond the Future

There are two faces beyond the future (year 3000)-the negative and positive. Relax and close your eyes. Have you ever imagined the brisk and vast changes in the year 3000? Positive or negative? Hmmmm cities are modernized; clothing lifestyle has the greatest fashion trends, the means of transportation has found better ways in improved technologies, the food has healthier taste yet inexpensive and beverage as well, and the most important of all-the breath-taking environment has enhanced into a safer and more secured places. When it comes to people’s clothing, the eco-friendly clothes, digital-printed shirts, reversible blouses, and high-fashioned clothes are highly-suggested and used. These high-class yet less expensive clothes are worn in comforting way as they are. In transportation, bio-fuel vehicles, hydrogen-powered and solar-powered vehicles, and e-cars are already practiced and used. Bio-Fuel vehicles lower greenhouse gas emissions compared to those of fossil fuels. Carbon dioxide is lessening which is one of the major greenhouse gases. The same as in solar-powered vehicles and hydrogen-powered...
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