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Two Events That Have Impacted America

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Two Events That Have Impacted America

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This paper will discuss two historical events I believe are prevalent to impacting changes in relation to class, gender, political, economical and social views which have alter the face of the nation forever. Civil Rights Movement and Slavery each had separate issues that caused The ripple effect of slavery. The thick residue of damage still lingers in society today. African Americans still feel bitterly oppressed. 170 years of fighting slavery.

Without uncertainty, I believe the biggest scar on our history is slavery. The effects of slavery are still lingering in the America’s societies today. Slavery did not seize to exist nor did racism die away because a piece of paper was signed. The residue of slavery is still evident and the scent is potent. Yes, I have a right to vote however, it would be foolish of me to adopt the vision of a free man when I still feel as though I am yet in bondage. Example, I am born into debt and have to work daily to become debt free. If I want health care and or a proper education to advance myself I have to pay out of pocket or owe the government.

The “Black Code” was a method that slave masters used to keep African American from having unity. Things like not allowing African Americans to read, taking children from their mothers at birth, beatings and overworking, not allowing blacks to converse in large groups and or marry.

Caucasian Americans dehumanized African Americans for centuries. They conditioned the mentalities which are display in various Black individuals. The history of the “Black Code” reflects on the African American generation of today, and will continue to persist in the future if the generations continue to following unhealthy practices in which they have traditionalized. The scraps from the slave master’s table is now consider “soul food”

of the leave in 1 0r 2 generations or just because we voted in a half black president. Its post traumatic, and until we address the issue in full...

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