Two Different Attitudes Towards Money

Topics: Investment, Money Changes Everything, Capital accumulation Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: November 12, 2010
Two Different Attitudes Towards Money
By: Jason Lamar Jones

In order to make certain that your attitude towards money isn’t criticized for making poor decisions; the consumer is often responsible for their spending and keeping a track of their finances.

Everyone has a different attitude towards money. A large number of people think money should be saved and invested.  They want to feel safe and have something to fall back on in case of an emergency. Others believe money makes the world go around and is to be spent on the latest from jewelry, clothes, cars, and most materialistic purchases.  

As Americans cash runs out or doesn't come quick enough, this puts us in financial binds forcing some to get credit cards that puts us in more money owing obligations and screwing up our credit.

My mother and father put away trust funds for Eric (my brother) and me. When we reached 21 we were able to obtain the money 50,000 dollars were in both accounts? This money was accumulating since we were 3 years old. Eric spent his money on getting a small business started while attending trade school my brother became very successful in electronics. I made some terrible decisions with my money not calculating and spending money in “Money Grows on Trees” type of aspect.

Since had we both inherited money we’ve had two different attitudes towards money. I’ve matured in my spending with the guidance of my brother since he was always a saver. Being able to learn techniques on saving and not blowing money fast have made a complete turnaround in my financial and credit status. My attitude before was to buy whatever I wanted and the consequences cost me a lot of things. My attitude now I will say is different. I believe saving is an instrumental sound investment into me and my family now. So your attitude towards money can change by the mistakes and decisions each of us make.

In my conclusion unless you save your money and make...
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