Two Descriptions

Topics: Feeling, Peace, Tree Pages: 2 (722 words) Published: June 20, 2011
Activity 3.5 – Two Descriptions Paper (Revised)
English Composition
Michael Cortez
Module 3

1st Description:
The wooded area surrounding the park has a mystifying feel with the sun setting and the strange odor of a dank basement coming from its small pond. The air feels sticky and warm this time of the year and the trees blocking the breeze makes it even more muggy than usual. The open and empty field gives me a feeling of isolation and the darkening skies has an ominous look. I can hear the shrieking muffled sounds of animals nearby, but without being able to see what’s beyond the blurry tree line, it’s hard to know if what I’m hearing is wild and aggressive or tame and timid. I can taste the musty fall air on my tongue as the breeze lifts now and again from the south, and the eerie sound of the air makes the world seem even farther away. My vision is becoming more and more limited, making the broken old trees and parched field seem to grow in stature as the darkness thickens around me. The park has many old rustic buildings that seem to stand out in the darkness even more than during midday. The sound from the creepy woods is now more audible than a few minutes ago, and the darkness seems to bring out animals too nervous to roam freely during the day. My sense of direction seems to fade as I look across the dirty field now sitting between me and the dark wooded area.

2nd Description:
The park has an illustrious glow at sunset. The thick tree lines and vast open fields bring a sense of freedom and grandeur. The brilliant light shining like beacon of hope with the soft calming breeze flowing across the field is refreshing and pure like a baby after a warm bath. The air seems to be free and clear of the city’s poisonous air pollution and the soft sounds of birds makes it all too refreshing, like a beautiful day on the beach. With quiet clean monuments and buildings dancing across the landscape, the look of peace and quiet seems to be present at...
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