Two Countries Possess Two Different Educational Sytems

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Is Another Country’s Educational System Better?
Doubtlessly, different countries may have different educational systems but who knows which of them is better. I am an international student who came from Malaysia, a country which is located in Southeast Asia then came to the United States, a country which is far apart from my home country, to pursue a higher education. Many of my friends often ask me whether Malaysia or the United States is better but I could not answer them with certainty because I think each country is inimitable. Although the duration that I have been to the states is not long, I discovered that the education systems are distinct between my home country and the United States. Thus, each country has its own peculiarity as there are certain dissimilarities in the educational system in terms of rules and grading systems that exist between two nations.

First of all, the contrast of regulations in educational system is one of the factors that lead the country into the current position in the world today. Undeniable, most of the schools in Asia, such as Malaysia, have tougher rules than in the United States. For example, school uniform and restrictions on hairs are mandatory for pupils during their student career. This motivation is because the government thinks that pupils will look more organized and professional as in the appearance. In the contrary, students in the United State are much more unrestrained as they are permitted to wear any type of clothing that they enjoy wearing. Both of the guidelines in each country are correct but the one which is using in my home country will affect the cogitation of the students because of the restriction on selection that they were accustomed to. Not only that, pupils have no rights and is not allowed to converse while the lecturer is instructing because it is considered as an interruption if you intent to speak to anyone. While in the United State, students always inquire the instructor regarding to the...
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