Two Countries

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  • Published : January 24, 2013
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Two Countries

All countries in the world are unique. There are many differences and similarities between Brazil and the United States. They are different from one another in location, size; culture, government, education, healthcare, economy, and lifestyles. Many countries share similarities and have some differences. Brazil and the United States are in different hemispheres, but these two nations share many similarities.
One important similarity is their governments. Both Brazil and the United States have a president as head of state that is elected and only allowed one re-election. They both are federal governments and have a four years term in office. They both governments are guided by a written constitution and have three branches. These are the similarities I could say about their politics.

Another similarity between Brazil and the United States is the diversity of ethnic groups. Brazil was colonized by Europeans, and its culture has been greatly influenced by this fact. However, the identity of the Brazilian people is not solely a product of western civilization. Brazil has many ethnic groups that immigrated there and mixed with the native people. The United States also has a diversity of ethnic groups representing the early colonists from northern Europe as well as groups from Africa, the Mediterranean, Asia, and South America. The mixture of cultures and customs has worked to form ethnically rich cultures in both countries.

One important difference between Brazil and the United States is the public health system. The Brazilian public health system is the National Health System (SUS), and the United States public health system is managed and provided by government. They both have a private health system with serve in a complementary role. The Brazilian public health services are universal and available to all citizens of the country for free. In the United States public...
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