Two Cities: Paris and Washington

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Compare & Contrast


It is not easy to imagine that large, new, small, or old cities cannot be similar at all. However, anyone who has seen Paris and Washington knows that this is possible. The two cites differ in age and population, but they share many similarities.

Between these two cities, the differences are very slight. Paris is older than Washington. It is over 2,000 years old. Washington, in contrast, is very young. It is about 200 years old. The population of Paris (2.500.000) is also much larger than Washington’s population (1,000,000).

Although these important differences exist, the cities are strikingly similar. First, both cities are the political centers of their countries. The president of France lives in the heart of Paris, in the Elysee Palace. Likewise, the president of the United States lives in the heart of Washington, in the White House. The French National Assembly meets in Paris, in the Palais Bourbon. The Congress of the United States has its meeting place in Washington, in the Capitol Building. Second, the two cities look similar. L’Enfant, the French engineer who designed Washington, was greatly influenced by the layout of Paris. For this reason, many of the buildings and monuments in Washington are symmetrically located in view of one another, just as they are in Paris. Both cities are also the sites of magnificent monuments like important historical landmarks, fine museums, beautiful parks, and broad, tree-lined avenues. Finally, tourism is as important for Washington as it is for Paris. Every year, millions of tourists from all over the world flock to these cities.

In conclusion, Paris and Washington share numerous similarities. Besides being political and tourist centers, the cities have a similar look.

TWO places
Compare and Contrast


I enjoy spending my Sunday afternoons outside the house. I cannot have the same experience in the United States that I had in Mexico when I was a child, but I have found a place that is similar to my home. Willowbrook Mall in Houston, Texas, is my favorite place in the U.S. to take a walk because it reminds me of Moreda Street in Morelia, Mexico. They are very different but also similar in some ways, especially on a Sunday afternoon.

For me, Willowbrook Mall has an atmosphere that is like Moreda Street's. In both places, people stroll and gather. In Morelia, families leave church and go for a walk along Moreda Street on Sunday afternoon. Often people stop at an outdoor cafe and have an ice cream or coffee and watch people walk by. Now that I live in Houston, Willowbrook Mall is the place where I go to see people on Sundays for their afternoon walk. I sit in a food court where I can drink a coffee with my friend, as I watch teenagers and families walking through the mall. When I see them, I remember how life was when I was a child.

Despite their similarities, Moreda Street and Willowbrook Mall are very different. Willowbrook Mall is more modern. On the one hand, Moreda Street has old colonial buildings and beautiful old trees that shade the street. It is also quiet. On the other hand, Willowbrook Mall is new and the lights are bright, and loud music plays in the stores. The people on Moreda Street also have more traditional ways. Men wear attractive, conservative suits and women wear light summer dresses. Fathers watch their teenage daughters closely and do not let their daughters hold hands with boys. In contrast, many teenagers go to Willowbrook Mall without their parents, and boyfriends and girlfriends walk with their arms around each other. When I see them, I realize that my daughter will have a different experience growing up in Houston than I did in Moreda. Then, I worry about her, and I miss Moreda Street, where life is more traditional.

It is interesting to see how people and...
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