Two Athletes

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Jasmine Johnson
Karen Bertel
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Professional athletes

Who in your opinion is the G.O.A.T (greatest of all time) of professional basketball? Is it Kobe Bryant or could it be Michael Jordan. I know some people can argue about this all day. In the following paragraphs I will compare and contrast the two professional athletes and perhaps change your opinion or strengthen your argument on who you think is the best.

Kobe Bryant also known as the Black Mamba is arguably the best to ever play for the Los Angeles Lakers. Kobe was one of very few NBA players to make it to the pros directly out of high school. Kobe was drafted to the NBA at the age of 18 to the Charlotte Hornets. He was traded to the Lakers shortly after. With the Lakers Kobe became a 5 time NBA champion and he is the all time leading scorer in the history of the Lakers franchise. Kobe is still currently playing for the Los Angeles Lakers and still competing for championships.

Michael Jordan is one of the select few NBA players that can be called by his first name and be recognized. Michael on the other hand was cut from his high school varsity basketball team and was placed on junior varsity as a sophomore. Michael attended the University of North Carolina. Michael was drafted as a junior in 1984 by the Chicago Bulls. Michael went back to North Carolina to finish his degree in 1986. Michael quickly became the star of the Chicago Bulls he was selected to the all star team his rookie year. He led his team to three consecutive championships from 1990 to 1993. Michael then announced his retirement that same year. Then he returned to the NBA to win three more consecutive NBA titles.

Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are alike in many ways. Michael and Kobe were both prolific scorers. Both were the star player of their teams. They occupied the same positions on the court, bout played shooting guard. They both have enough championship rings to fill a hand. Michael and Kobe were...
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