Twitter as a Social Sixth Sense

Topics: Twitter, Follow-on, Social media Pages: 3 (878 words) Published: October 31, 2012
Dashua Williams
English II
Professor Patrick Murphy
12 October 26
Twitter Phenomenon
Living in an Era where digital and social media is on the rise every single day, Author Clive Thompson presents to us on how twitter creates a sixth sense. When one thinks of sixth sense one automatically thinks psychic-like abilities. However, in this context Clive explains to us social proprioception through websites like twitter. Social proprioception-is giving a group of people a sense of itself. In more layman terms, social proprioception is ones awareness of what is occurring without having to be there. He further explains some attractions and how addicting twitter can be. Clive uses personal anecdotes about his experiences and how he came under the twitter phenomenon. Being an avid user of twitter myself, I can attest to these notions and will provide you with additional reasons and examples. Twitter is a social media web site that allows you to post minute by minute updates of 140 characters or less about any and everything. According to Techland Time Author Graeme McMillan, Twitter has over 200 million accounts as of October 2012. (McMillan) You can elect to make your page private or public, request to follow your friends, favorite celebrities, favorite brands, politician, colleagues, sports teams, and or popular news channels. Clive states, “Twitter is the site everyone loves to hate” (Thompson). At first sight one would look at twitter as a waste of time, and it could be to those who are not active users. Popular online author Bobbie Johnson presents those feelings in his online article, “What is twitter and is there any reason why I should care”. (The guardian) Like Johnson there are plenty of others who deem no shame in professing their distaste for twitter. However Clive states in his article, “Twitter is experiential”. (Thompson). One would not get the full effect of twitter without experiencing it; Go follow some of your friends,...
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