Twins; Identical and Ferternal

Topics: Twin, Pregnancy, Childbirth Pages: 4 (1484 words) Published: March 22, 2013
Kevin Le
Mr. Smith
Health Period: 5
11 January 2013
Twins; Identical and Fraternal
When it comes to people in the Earth twins are interesting to see. It use to be a mystery of how a mother can give birth to more than one baby. In the past year there are more birth of twins, and more type of multiple births. There are some reasons for a mother to give birth to twins; the first reason is multiple eggs are released. Another reason is one of the egg is being released and then splits into two. When a person thinks about a twin they think of identical twin, but there’s more there are fraternal twin (twins born the same day, but don’t look alike.) and there is conjoin twin (twins born out conjoin.) What is the difference between these three, there is no difference they were all born on the same day, but they have different physical appearance. Fraternal twins are still twins, but different gender one will be a boy and the other will be girl. Lastly the other difference between them and identical twins is that fraternal twins don’t share the same DNA as identical twins. To find out if a mother has a twin a mother is recommended to have an ultrasound. In some research it is said that during the beginning to the twelfth week of pregnancy there is a risk of having Vanishing Twin Syndrome. This happen when one of baby began to stop growing or neither of the baby is getting the nutrition from the mother, and when one of the baby born and the other is still-born. There are some factors that increase the odd of a mother having twins. The first reason is advance age mother from the 30s and 40s have a high chance of having twin because their ovaries are more likely to produce more than one egg at a time. Second reason is mother who have gave birth to a child already each time she is pregnant she has a higher chance each time to have twin. Third reason is if she is a twin she has a good chance to have twins, or if one of her sibling gave birth to twin then...
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