Twins Dilemma

Topics: Twin, Individual, Person Pages: 2 (449 words) Published: December 7, 2012
* Introduction – definition of twins
* types of twins
* Advantages – Share everything together as a friend * Having someone understand about you
* Share feelings, ex: sad, happy
* Not alone
* They have intuition about their twins
* Disadvantages - Lack of privacy (share everything together) * No individuality
* People see twins as “twins” not as individual person. * Conclusion- Be thankful to God

Draft 1
* The definition of twins is being two at birth.
* Two types of twins.
* One of the advantages is twins an share everything together. Example: shoes, bags, class. * No need to find a bestfriend.
* Second advantage twins always have someone that understand them particularly. * They have sense about the other twins. They share feelings together. * The disadvantages is lack of privacy. Example: share same room. * Next disadvantage is people see you as twins not as individually. Not feeling unique about themselves.

Being a twin has both advantage and disadvantage
Twin is actually being born of two at a birth as a twin brother or sister. There are two types of twins which are identical twins and fraternal twins. There are advantages and disadvantages of being a twin. One of the advantages is sharing everything together. We can share everything with our twins starting from clothes, bags and also being in the same class together. No need to find a best friend because twins already have one. Another advantage is we would be always having someone who understood you. Our twins will know exactly how you feel such as happy and sad. A twin also gets an intuition when her /his better half is in pain. No matter how complicated, your twin will be able to understand exactly what you’re going through. We will never be alone because twins will support each other no matter what happens. The disadvantages of being twins are there is lack of privacy....
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