Twin Towers

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  • Published : January 12, 2012
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The destruction of the Twin Towers was not just a tragedy. It is a universal symbol displaying that if one of the most powerful countries in the world can be devastated then any country can be conquered. The World Trade Center specifically for America is a powerful symbol, of economic and military might. Targeted by terrorists in an attack because they are revered symbols around which the psyche of the country is tightly wrapped. The horror and enormous death toll that occurred because of the high density of human life these symbolic buildings harbored heightened the impact of the assailants' message while attacking image. The creation of symbols seems to be hard-wired into human brains and human personalities, People build symbols to try and express themselves, and these expressions reflect their culture. Political and religious movements wrap their ideology and goals in symbols; crucifix, hammer and sickle, swastika, or buildings or monuments. For something to be accepted as a symbol, it must translate the visions and goals of the people that surround it. The World Trade Towers did just that. The sophisticated structure of the slender, crystalline twin towers made them especially inviting symbols of America's achievement; glass and steel pillars reaching into the clouds, their ethereal surfaces reflecting the changing moods of New York City. I see its destruction as a universal symbol. Out of one hundred and ninety-six countries (if you include Taiwan) the United States is supposed to be one of the greatest powers. By demolishing a significant figure it shows not only to the U.S.A but also the rest of the world that if America cannot defend themselves from attackers then the world is at a high risk to suffer the same fate, possibly even worse if terrorist willed it to be.
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