Twilight vs Trueblood

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  • Published: November 9, 2012
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The point of this essay is to show the many similarities and differences of Twilight and True Blood.
Vampires, how many different stories have you heard about these creatures. Do movies and Television shows differentiate on these creatures? In this essay I will be discuss only two of these vampires, Edward Cullen and Bill Compton. While they are both vampires and share some similarities, most of the story line of these two stories is completely different. From a human drinking vampire who has bottles of True Blood, to a vegan vampire who only consumes animal blood. Then I will discuss the way that both of the characters, as vampires, die. Finally I will bring up some common myths that these two charters have proven incorrect. This will prove that no two stories about vampires are exactly the same.

Are you aware of the many similarities and differences of Twilight and True Blood? What sets them apart? Are they alike? If so what do these two have in common? In this essay we will look at the differences of these two vampire movies and what the two have in common and discover what it is that makes these two things different. And what do these two have in common

Note: This essay will explore the movie film and television versions of these two stories that are based on books by Stephanie Meyer and Charmaine Harris. There could be differences between the written material and their screen adaptations.

Twilight is based on a vampire named Edward Cullen that tries to keep from killing or drinking from humans and ends up falling in love with a girl called Bella Swan at the high school where he is trying to pass himself off as a teenager. There are three main things that set Edward and his family apart from other vampires. These make the vampires of these stories different. The three things are that he has a coven that stays awake during the day, he is fine with sunlight exposure, and did I mention that he is a vegan.

Edward Cullen is in a coven also called the tribunal. This is what governs the decisions for Edward and his family of vampires. The coven can control the rules over all the vampire including Edward and his family. Some of those rules are; that’s enforced are no problems with the exposure to direct sunlight, no biting or drinking of any kind of humans and only kill the animals you eat once a month. Edward and his family differ also because of the different powers that they all possess. Edward has the power to read people’s minds, his sister Alice can see the future and jasper can control emotions. These are only three of the family members; there are nine in his family.

When Edward or any of his family members are exposed to the sun, they do not react the same way as other stories portray. Most of the time a vampire will burst in to gigantic flames killing themselves in a slow painful death. These vampires however do something else instead. When Edward or a family member goes out in the sunlight, they do not immediately burst in to flames, their skin is different. The skin of Edward or his family members instead looks like it is made out of thousands of diamonds.

Edward and his family do not drink from humans, making them vegans. Instead they drink from the blood of animals such as cougars, bears, and deer’s. Edward and his family do not want to kill; this is what sets them apart from other vampires in this story. In the story vegans are considered traitors to the other vampires. The reason for why Edward and his family are vegan’s, is because he and his family have made a peace treaty with the werewolves who live on the same land.

True Blood is based on vampires who have “came out of the closet” and gone public with society and now live amongst us known. Because of the public knowledge of their existence, they were able to...
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