Twilight Book Report

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  • Published : August 28, 2012
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Book Report
Book Report

By Monica Dobslaw

The book I decided to read for my book report was; Twilight.

1. Who is the author? What information do you know about the author? The author of this novel is named Stephenie Meyer. She is the author of the whole twilight series and two other books called; Hell on Earth and The Host. Stephenie is 38 years old and has sold more than 50 million books in less than 5 years.

2. What is the story about? Briefly describe what happens. The story is about a teenager called Isabella Swan, who moves to a town called Forks, to live with her dad. She meets at her new school a mysterious, but very handsome looking boy, called Edward Cullen. Although his ‘irresistible looks and charms’ capture everyone’s attention, he has always managed to keep quiet about his ‘gift’. Although the two become close, she hears 'ridiculous' rumours that Edward and his family are more than just ‘beautiful humans’, but despite having many theories she cannot bring herself to believe that there is a supernatural explanation for Edward's behaviour.

3. What makes the story interesting? Describe three moments in the text that were interesting. Explain why those moments were interesting. * The first favourite moment of the book is when the two meet. I have always thought it was interesting as I saw the Twilight movie before I read the book and I like to see how similar Edward’s reactions are to Bella in the book, compared to the movie. * The second favourite moment would have to be; when Bella and Edward are in the meadow. Edward finally confesses and shares his secret with her, that he is a vampire. I find this interesting because it’s kind of a breath taking moment, almost as if the whole story finally makes sense. * My third and last favourite moment would have to be when Edward saves Bella from his enemy, James. James is also a vampire who ends up biting Bella so she would either die, or turn into a vampire. Edward jumps to...
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