Twilight Book #1: Opinion the Book & Critics

Topics: Stephenie Meyer, Twilight, Bella Swan Pages: 2 (802 words) Published: April 23, 2011
Keven J. Murphy Santiago Advanced English Class

The book read is titled Twilight. It is full of both romance and suspense from beginning to end. The author of the book is named Stephenie Meyer, a young writer from Arizona with a degree in English Literature. Stephenie Meyer’s writing style invites readers to “get in the book” as she describes with great detail settings, moods and facial expressions made by the characters in the book that will get you to imitate them as you read (unconsciously). This story is mostly focused on the love-life between Isabella Swan (human) and a “cold one” or vampire named Edward Cullen. Isabella, or Bella, moves from Phoenix, Arizona to a small village in Washington called Forks to live with her dad –Chief Swan. Bella finds herself to be a celebrity in her new high school, but nobody seems as interesting to her as the Cullen family, especially the youngest member of the family: Edward Cullen. Bella and Edward end up completely in-love with other, but obviously, a relationship between a vampire and a human would have a lot of obstacles to overcome. The biggest threat arrives when a visitor vampire (James) commits to hunt Bella down with help from another vampire named Victoria. James, alias “the tracker” challenges the Cullen family and they do everything to protect Bella.

My favorite Character so far is Edward Cullen. Edward is one of the first members of the Cullen clan. As a vampire, he possesses a number of weapons that make him the ultimate predator: speed, strength, sharp fangs, enhanced senses, venom, attractiveness, and in Edwards case only, the ability to read minds. The thirst for blood, however, he tries to keep under control and attacks only animals in the forest. Edward struggles to go against his basic nature as he refuses to “feed” on Bella even though her aroma tempts him in ways that only he could understand. His love for Bella makes him overprotective of her since she’s always in...
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