Twilight (novel) , Bella Swan , Edward Cullen

In coach Stansell's class we had to write a book report on a book of our choice. I read the twilight by Stephanie Meyer. There where three situations that occurred in this book that caught my attention. The first one was risking your happiness for others. The second one was going for forbidden love. The last one was sacrificing your life for others. These are all situations that i feel were very important and i felt i could relate to.

Twilight is the story of a seventeen year old girl named Bella Swan. Bella moves from sunny Arizona to rainy Washington. She willingly left the home she left to make her mom happy and move to where Bella would be unhappy. Bella is all alone until she meets Edward.

Edward is the forbidden Fruit. She falls in love with him even though it is against her better judgment. Edward is a vampire that craves Bella's blood and this is not the best situation to be in. he wants to be with her but this means if he can not resist Bella will die. Bella and Edward succeed in their forbidden love story until an unsavory vampire comes to kill Bella. Bella has to leave her new home to save everyone there. She sacrifices her happiness for her loved ones.

Bella Swan's mother remarried and Bella wanted to allow her mother to travel with her new husband so she exiled herself. Bella moved to Forks, Washington where she hated it. It was rainy, cold and far away but to make her mom happy she moved there anyways. Bella moved in with her dad who is Police chief in Forks. Bella was depressed in Forks by all the rain but she did not lack friends. Her new school welcomed her even if she did not want to be there. Bella subjected herself to this for her mother.

I relate to this with my mom. When my mom joined the military she had to move to Texas. Mom did not want me to go so I stayed with my dad. I was very unhappy for a long time. Finally i realized that seeing my mom happy was worth more to me than my own happiness. So i still live with my dad...
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