Twihards: an Essay

Topics: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Harry Potter, Children's literature Pages: 4 (1470 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Today we are going to explore the many rantings and ravings of Twilight Fans as they attempt to support Twilight and prove to the average Anti-Twilight fan why they are wrong. We will go through several of their statements and explain exactly how they are wrong and why they are wrong.

Most every Anti-Twilight fan knows the same old tired arguments the Twilighter or Twitard uses to the statements made by the Anti-Twilight fan. So here is a nice and easy guide on how to defeat their argument in such a way as to shut them up.

Statement: Well, Twilight is a best seller, so it must be good! Answer: False. It does not. What “bestseller” means is that it has sold well. The numbers do indicate that, indeed, quite a bit of books were sold. However, does this number reflect how many people enjoyed it? Does it reflect how many books were returned? Does it reflect how many were used to be destroyed? No, it does not. It indicates that books were sold. This statement also assumes that quantity means quality, which is a rather false statement. For example: Smooth Away is a best selling product, but as most of the people who have bought it can tell you it is not a quality product. So even though they bought it, they did not like it nor was it the quality product they assumed because it was “Bestselling”. Another example: Paul Blart: Mall Cop has made near 64 million dollars in the box office since it's release. Meaning a lot of people have gone to see it. That must mean it's an amazing movie, especially since it's number one at the box office, correct? No. The reviews are mixed and most ratings put it at 27 percent approval rating. So, does best selling or rather, quantity means quality? No, it does not. So just because Twilight sold books does not make it quality.

Statement: I'd like to see you write a best selling novel! She can so you can't judge her because you can't! Answer: False. Apparently you have to be a bestselling author in order to level any sort of...
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