Twentieth Century Music

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  • Topic: Igor Stravinsky, Ballets Russes, The Rite of Spring
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  • Published : November 17, 2010
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he title of this chapter is the twentieth century and beyond. I found the opening sentence to be an unusual start to the chapter, it reads, extremes of violence and progress marked the twentieth century. The twentieth century was a time of revolt, but it was also a time of expansion. New approaches on sound, pitch, and rhythm were all key factors to the way music of this time period sounds. Some compositions even received hostility because they had broken so far off tradition. In Paris on May 29, 1913 the most famous riot in music history took place. It was the premier of Igor Stravinsky’s ballet Le Sacre du printemps. There were hecklers at this premier that booed and made animal noises as members in the audience tried to watch this ballet in peace. Police had to be called to break up this riot. The twentieth century style of music brought fundamental changes in the way chords are treated. During this time 1900 chords were divided up into two opposing groups which are; consonant and dissonant. Tone color became an important element of music during this time more than it ever had been before. In twentieth century music the tone color took a major role creating variety, continuity, and mood. The newly organized pitch was accompanied by new ways of organizing rhythm. The rhythmic vocabulary of music was expanded, with increased emphasis on irregularity and unpredictability. Rhythm in twentieth century music is one of its most striking elements, as it is used to create power, drive, and excitement. One of the most interesting aspects of music in the twentieth century is that it saw dramatic changes in how music reached its listeners. Through all the technological advances of this century, such as the radio and television, were used to turn the average family living area into a concert hall.
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