Twelve O' Clock High

Topics: Military rank, Major General, Leadership Pages: 3 (926 words) Published: October 26, 2011
Assessment of Twelve O’ Clock High- Reflection Assignment #4

The movie Twelve O’ Clock High illustrated various aspects of leadership approaches in an Air Force general’s strenuous attempt to heighten the morale of the 918th Bomb Group. Twelve O’ Clock High highlighted the effects of country-club management under the leadership of Col Keith Davenport and revealed the effects of authority-compliance leadership under the command of Brig Gen Frank Savage. Twelve O’ Clock High highlights two Air Force member’s attempts to heighten the morale of a group. Strong examples of country-club management and authority compliance leadership were used in this film.

Use of the Country-Club management was apparent in the leadership style of Col Keith Davenport. In the opening scene after a flight mission, the crew was in disarray following the injuries and casualties of crew members in a failed mission under the command of Col Davenport. During a debriefing, as the airmen were questioned and recounting details regarding their flight mission, their lack of knowledge for procedures and protocol in combat were revealed. The mission resulted in the loss of 5 crew members, 3 deaths and 11 wounded airmen. The mission prompted Major General Patrick Pritchard to visit the 918th Bomb group. In further investigation, a lieutenant reveals he missed a checkpoint and had flown off course resulting in the crew being delayed for a target bombing by 3 minutes. In an effort to protect his subordinate, Col Davenport assumed full responsibility by stating the young lieutenant was under his command. After a suggestion was presented to remove the lieutenant from the group, Col Davenport stated he would not reprimand the young airmen, because he didn’t believe in “chopping off heads because of one mistake”, and then refused to remove the lieutenant from the team. His decisions resulted in Major General Pritchard relieving Col Davenport from his command. I felt the leadership Col...
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