Twelve Angry Men: Reflection B

Topics: Jury, Jury nullification, Trial Pages: 2 (803 words) Published: May 10, 2011
Twelve Angry Men: Reflection B
In the movie “Twelve Angry Men,” there were many examples of primary group roles. Each jury member had an informal role they played within the group, which influenced the final outcome of the jury’s decision for the court case. The four jury members that really exemplified their group roles were #8, #7, #1 and #3.

Juror #8 was the calm architect who was the only one to vote “not guilty,” for the first vote. A major role he played was the initiator-contributor. This role is defined in our book as a person who “offers lots of ideas and suggestions; proposes solutions and new directions.” Juror #8 proved himself to be this role throughout the movie. He was the only one who voted against the rest of the men, not to gain attention to himself, but to give the boy on trial a chance. He also raised many questions to the other men and tried to make them look at the trial in a new way. The architect did this by showing them the knife he purchased that was the same as the boy’s knife, and by demonstrating how slow the old man witness would walk. If it wasn’t for juror #8, the boy on trial wouldn’t have gotten a fair chance at being found innocent.

Juror #7 was another man who played a very distinct role in the movie, which was the clown. Being the clown means the person is using humor to take attention away from the task at hand, possibly for attention on himself, or to lighten the overall mood. From the minute he appeared in the movie, you could assume he was the clown by the way he was dressed. Also throughout the movie he was cracking jokes to try and lighten the mood. An example of him displaying himself as the clown, was when he was throwing the paper balls at the fan. It distracted the men from the task at hand and added a lighter mood to the room for a short while. If this juror paid more attention to the task at hand, instead of trying to be the clown, the decision would have possibly been made quicker.

Another role that was...
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