Twelve Angry Men

Topics: Bullying, Jury, Abuse Pages: 2 (591 words) Published: May 12, 2013
11th juror
11th juror is a watchmaker and he’s German. Because he’s a watchmaker, he has attention to fine detail and is precise. He sticks to the facts and bases the evidence on facts. He’s one who has been taking notes throughout the whole case. On page 29, he says, “Pardon me, but I have made some notes here” and “I have been listening very closely” so that shows how much attention he pays and how he sticks to the facts.

He has received prejudice and stereotyping for being German and is bullied by the other jurors. On page 12 he says, “This sensitivity I understand” when the 5th juror reveals how he’s lived in a slum all his life. 11th juror relates to this because of the prejudice he’s received. 7th juror bullies him on page 44 when he says, “I’ll knock his goddamn Middle European head off” and “they’re all alike” referring to the Germans. 11th juror remains calm and polite and says “Please, please. It doesn’t matter.” This shows how he is different from the other jurors and does not bully back.

He tries to get his opinion across but many times is cut off by jurors. On page 20 he says, “Please I would like to say something here” but doesn’t say what he thinks until page 29 when he presents good arguments. He says, “Why would he come back three hours later?” and “But if he knew the knife could be identified, why did he leave it there in the first place?” Now somebody other than juror 8 is presenting the facts and this also supports how he has attention to fine detail. He starts to change his mind on this page when he believes they should go deeper. By the third vote on page 31, he changes his vote to not guilty hesitantly. He may not want to be ridiculed by others and that’s why he “slowly raises his hand”.

He stands up to juror 7 on page 50 and says, “You have no right to play like that with a man’s life” and “If you want to vote not guilty, then do it because you’re convinced the man is not guilty – not because you’ve had enough” He has had enough of...
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