Twelve Angry Men

Topics: Jury, Not proven, Jury nullification Pages: 3 (1230 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Democracy and the right to serve as a juror are a great privilege and responsibility which is not to be taken lightly, as see n in Twelve Angry Men. How does Rose use the play to reflect these themes?

In Reginald Rose Twelve Angry Men, Rose uses the play to reflect the duty and responsibility of a juror. Rose uses the characters to reflect different themes of the play. As a democratic country, jurors have a great privilege and responsibility and it shouldn’t be taken lightly as some juror’s demonstrated. Rose represents different personalities and beliefs with each juror. A young man’s life is at stake, most of the juror’s assume he is guilty on the first vote. But luck for the boy is that the 8th juror who wants it to be a fair trial and wants to “talk this thing out”. A fair trial that everyone is entitled to. Juror 8th is in contrast with the other jury members who allow personal bias to make up their verdict and decisions. Rose starts of the play with the judge stating the duty of the jurors, and that they have to come up with a unanimous verdict. The play progresses with the changing of individual juror’s minds. Rose represents juror 8 as the protagonist and the hero of the case. Juror 8 represents the strengths of the jury systems. Juror 8 insists on looking at the facts in the case even though everyone else has already got their mind made up. In the play juror 8 is used to represent a juror who is doing his duty the right way. He is patient , tolerant and thinks about reasonable doubt. Even tho juror 8 was shadowed by 11 other jury members, he still stood his ground and wanted a fair trial. Rose portrayed the 8th juror as justice. Juror 8th stated “Nobody has to prove otherwise. The burden of proof is on the prosecution. The defendant doesn’t have to open his moth. That’s in the constitution. You hear it!.” He is the first one in the play to vote not guilty while the others straight away made up their mind to vote guilty. But why do they have their...
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