Twelfth Night Review

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Literatures in English
Internal Assessment

Topic: A review of Twelfth Night

Name: Stephanie Shannon
Subject: Literatures in English
Teacher: Mr. Yearde


Twelfth Night, also called What You Will is a comedic play written by William Shakespeare around the time 1601-1602. It was written by Shakespeare for a Twelfth Night Entertainment that took place to close off the Christmas season. The name of the play is to signify the twelfth night after Christmas.


Twelfth Night starts out in the kingdom of Illyria where we see Orsino, a nobleman, listening to music and desperately seeking the love of Lady Olivia. Lady Olivia however does no wish to marry as she is mourning her dead brother. Meanwhile on the coast Viola, a young lady born of aristocratic family, washes up on the shore of Illyria from a shipwreck. She believes that her brother Sebastian has dies in the shipwreck. The Captain who washed up on shore with her tells her about Orsino and Olivia. Viola wants to work for Lady Olivia but the Captain tells her Lady Olivia does not talk with strangers so she instead decides to work for Orsino. In order to do this, she disguises herself as a man, calling herself Cesario. Viola who is disguised as Cesario soon becomes a favourite of Orsino and she falls in love with him. This love however cannot be pursued as Orsino believes her to be a man. Orsino makes Cesario his page boy and sends him to deliver his love letters to Lady Olivia. Olivia soon falls in love with Viola dressed as Cesario thinking she is a man. Love complications arise as Viola loves Orsino who loves Lady Olivia who loves Cesario (Viola dressed as a man). In the sub plot of the play we meet Lady Olivia’s household members; Sir Toby Belch- Olivia’s drunkard husband, Maria- Olivia’s daring serving woman, Sir Andrew Aguecheek- a companion of Sir Toby, Feste- the clown and Malvolio- the arrogant head servant of Olivia’s household. Maria and the others get tired of...
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