Twelfth Night Essay

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  • Published : May 28, 2013
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Twelfth Night Essay

Melissa Lennon
Ms Fennell
May 2, 2013

Throughout Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” there are many relationships and love triangles. Viola has already grown to respect the Duke and urges that she must win his heart over but is challenged with an obstacle. Some true love and some just lust. Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” exposes true love in the way that Viola and Duke Orsino share their love with each other. Their love is much unlike the other characters who were just attracted to each other because of appearance or superficial means.

When Viola first meets Duke Orsino, dressed as Cesario, she is convinced and hopes to win the Duke’s heart over. Viola expresses her true feelings for Orsino the first time she meets him. Viola says “I’ll do my best/ To woo your lady. [Aside.] Yet a barful strife!/ Whoe’er I woo, myself would be his wife” (1.5.44-46), when she is sent to express Orsino’s love to Olivia. This is the first time where we see Viola taking interest in the Duke. Viola and Orsino also had a good and strong friendship before the truth came out at the end of the book. Switching from friends to husband and wife would have been easy for them even though Viola is now herself, dressed as a girl. The two see each other on a daily basis and are constantly talking which makes their bond closer and closer. Viola is then caught in another true love scenario only this time she is on the receiving end and things didn’t end smoothly. She tried to get Olivia for Duke Orsino but as time went on Olivia grew to love Cesario. Cesario was not who he seemed to be though because he was really Viola in disguise. There was only way of getting out of this and this was to tell everyone her secret but if she did it could have put her chances with the Duke in danger. With Viola and Orsino spending mostly everyday together has helped them grow a true bond and this is why their love is so strong and an example is true love not lust....
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