Twelfth Night, 3.1.1-26

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  • Published : March 3, 2010
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Michael Nodurft
English 208
Mrs. Walter
Twelfth Night, 3.1.1-26
Jan. 30 2007
True Lies
Reading this conversation between Viola and Feste the clown there is definite multiple meanings to each of the words that they both say. You can tell that Viola’s wit is matched to Feste’s which makes this conversation so cleverly written. This passage offers pun’s to the audience who understand that Cesario is truly Viola. And have Feste hinting that he knows Viola’s hidden identity. This passage offers hints to the truth of the Viola and the fact that Feste is truly not the fool that everyone believes he is. In this passage I will prove that this conversation is crucial to the plot, and defines beoth of these characters roles.

When Feste enters the room he is playing his pipe and tabor, and is being his normal fool self. The first couple lines are normal speech when Viola asks, “Dost thou live by thy tabor?”3.1.1-2 I like how Viola used the word tabor because it is the perfect description of Feste personality, the way he is always playing games with people for money. When Feste’s witty remarks are matched by Viola, Feste begins his more intellectual wittiness. “A sentence is but a cheverel glove to a good wit,”3.1.10-11 In this sentence you tell that there is a deeper meaning when Feste is talking about a glove. The way that Feste describes the glove to Viola is interesting because when a person uses a glove it is normally hiding the hand. Feste has stumble onto a crucial part of the play making the plot much sweeter for the audience because they know the truth about Viola and he doesn’t; Cesario is the glove to Viola. This is perfect not only is the fool being a mocked in the play; his fooling is now involving the audience making subtle hints of something he does not know. The next line Feste says is “How quickly the wrong side may be turned outward.”3.1.11-12 I like this comparison between the glove turning outward and Viola trying to keep her cover,...
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