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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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We All Fall Down by Nic Sheff Essay through Lens In this novel the author tells his story of addiction and his ups and downs. I think he is coming through in the psychological lens because he is most likely intellectualizing in his book. He talks about not being insane, but people seem to tell him he might be. What are the problems of drug and alcohol addiction? Nic will be sure to tell in this novel I am talking about. He is coming from very emotional and stressful things. He started drugs at a very young age by the age 18 he was addicted to crystal meth. While trying to find a way out he turned to drugs or sex. He found himself hopping around drug treatment and rehab centers, looking for something. But he just couldn’t find it. The people at the centers would tell him he was insane, but he didn’t think he was because he didn’t want a different result. He seemed to be very rebellious anywhere he went. Nic the author and the one I am referring to as ‘’he’’ in my paper is the main character and he tells about his life and struggles with staying sober. He does sometimes expect different results or want things in his life to be different; he wants his life to be blissful as he might see in other people’s lives. Nic doesn’t only have addiction problems he has psychological problems too, like suicidal thought, depression, and bipolar disorder. ‘’…over and over about how the world would be better off without me.’’ he says then ‘’I’m selfish and lazy and emotional and scared and genuinely unfit for survival.’’ (Chapter 21 page 175) In those quotes it is quite clear that he has other issues, not just addiction. I would make the assumption that he has some severe mental issues. He refers to saying those things to himself when he gets stuck in a very stressful situation. For example when his girlfriend Sue Ellen finds out he had relapsed she got really upset with him and that made him want to say the world would be better off without him.

Whenever Nic has an emotional...
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