Tweak by Nic Sheff

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  • Published : November 6, 2008
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Tweak by Nic Sheff

Twisted Journey of an Addict

Tweak is a tale of addiction describing the experiences of Nic Sheff, who was for many years addicted to various drugs. Meth and heroin to begin with, later coke and mixing different drugs (Tweak). This book was actually written in response to a book by David Sheff called Beautiful Boy. It was about the experience of dealing with his son's addictions and their consequences for his family.

Nic Sheff was 18 and collage bound when he discovered crystal meth. At first his father had no idea. Then came a call from his school, the late nights, the lying, the ghoulish pallor and the wasting away. David’s life became an eternity of waiting, for the phone to ring, the door to open, or for any sign that his Nic was safe. His fears were less dreadful than his son’s reality; begging, dealing, and promiscuous sex whatever it took to dim the pain. The feeling of emptiness that had terrorized him at least since his parents’ divorce when he was a child.

The first third of Tweak is a demonstration of the kind of depraved lifestyle Nic's addiction leads to, a study of how quickly an addict can move down the downward spiral to the point where he or she will do absolutely anything for drugs, or money for drugs, for instances stealing even from his loved ones. Nothing was out of the question.

In this book, Nic repeatedly addresses the question of how far a person can fall apart before they realize they need to pull themselves together. Sheff enters rehab multiple times, but for various reasons he relapses into heavy drug use, despite a few near-death occurrences and an absolutely, unlivable lifestyle.

Each time he tries to come back to reality, so Sheff reaches out to his family and close friends, but not surprisingly, after several times of hearing the same song the relationships become more and more shaky, and even family members stop believing that he will remain sober. It was the classic story of the boy who...
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