Topics: Humiliation, Methamphetamine, Heroin Pages: 2 (759 words) Published: October 4, 2008
September 22, 2008
Tweak (Growing up on Methamphetamines) Nic Sheff
D. Williams

In Nic Sheff's appalling memoir, "Tweak", he takes you through his many attempts at recovery, and the mental and physical hardships he endured. The first time he got drunk was at age 11, and in the years that followed his life swirled out of control as his addiction to methamphetamines (along with cocaine and heroin) became more demanding. What I thought really differentiated his memoir from others about addiction was the courage he had to try again, after so many failed attempts at getting sober. From prostituting himself to stealing from the people he loved, Nic not only had to fight the rest of the world, but his own demons as well.

Throughout Nic's account of the story, the theme was really being emphasized. Without the plot, his experiences wouldn't having taken suck vivid shape. Doing the right thing is always the hardest, but Nic had the courage to do the right thing. He had the courage to stop hiding behind something, (the meth) and come forward and be honest with not only his family, but himself as well. After five different rehabs, and so many relapses, he decided he needed to get sober if we wanted to live. He went to rehab once again, for the fifth time. He was more courageous than most, who would have probably stoped trying at the embarrassment of so many rehabs and relapses. To get to the top, he had to hit rock bottom.

Nic's wanting to be to re-connected with his family was one of the main reasons he wanted to get clean. After so many let downs, his family refused to make contact with him, unless it was to get help. With all the embarrassing and low things he did to them to get closer to the drugs, it surprised me that even though they refused to talk to him, he persisted with trying to regain their once strong relationship and trust. I know that personally, I don't know if I would of had the courage to go to them and say, You know what, I know I screwed up,...
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