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Topics: Academic degree, Master's degree, Geology Pages: 1 (406 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Geophysics was not of my passion when I was young or rather I did not know what Geophysics is and when I grow-up and completed high school I began to know what Geology means. I then started study it and read more about it which inferred from my interest to know and discover the wealth that is available underground. Accordingly, I have decided to join the Faculty of Earth Science to learn and study the discipline and master it. I now have completed a B.Sc. at King Abdulaziz University in FALL 2010. Immediately, I was employed by the Saudi National Geological Survey Authority and worked with them for 2 years. I felt it is very important for me to further my studies. I was then applied for a job at the same University which I was graduated at and I was offered a job as Lecturer with the Faculty that I was graduated from. Therefore, higher education is very important step for me to further develop my knowledge thus, joining a Masters Degree program with your University is one of my goals at this point of time of my professional life. I'm sure it will be a challenge for me especially studying abroad. I'm very ambitious young Saudi national who would like to participate in the development of my country. I’m capitalizing on my enthusiasm and ambition to understand and learn in depth the Science of what is underground and how to take advantage of the wealth that under the ground and was impressed by how human to date reached the discovery of the Sciences and technology to help mankind in further discovery of Earth Science. My aim in the study of the primary master that the largest amount of tight courses that will develop my knowledge and experience in the field of geophysics and seismology and study fault and mantle using the software and technology to obtain the measurements and results.

Finally, I must say that my knowledge in the field of geophysics needs further development, so my plan is to study all the courses that will develop the Scientific and to share...
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