Tv Radio Censorship

Topics: Audience, Capability Maturity Model, Censorship Pages: 2 (691 words) Published: April 12, 2011
Media content influences people tremendously. People discuss current affairs and keep themselves updated with news, using newspapers, television, radio and now through the internet. Television and radio are major media used for entertainment. They have a lot of mass appeal across various demographic parameters. The issue of censorship and regulation of content has always been a very subjective matter (and a matter of debate as well). In my opinion, censorship is certainly required for all television and radio programs including screening of movies. To what extent must regulation be exercised is a bit of a tricky question to answer. My take is that it completely depends on the demographic parameters of the audience.

First, I would like to illustrate why I believe that censorship is required. Movies or television programs cover a lot of themes like drama, comedy, action, romance (a lot of passionate romance at times), fashion etc. The themes that come under the scanner time and again are action and passionate romance. The major challenge with action is that a lot of children try to imitate the stars they associate with. The challenge is that these children do not realize that the stunts are performed under guidance from experts and many a time doctored to produce a visual effect. That being said, such visually appealing scenes are preferred even by many youth and adults as well. Completely censoring the action will take away the entertainment element completely. I believe that stars and producers should be asked to screen a disclaiming statement prior to the program or movie about the fact that the stunts are doctored. On the romance and passion front, again some discretion is certainly warranted. Even in the developed countries in the western world, there are Parental Guidance flags screened just before a program or movie commences.

These issues are a bit subjective as it depends on the maturity level of the audience in a country. For example, in the west,...
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