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  • Published : May 21, 2011
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FICTV Show Proposal:

(Title of Show Here)

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Section 2: Show Information


FICTV’s first competitive reality show! “The Race” is a scavenger hunt across upstate New York that will take place during Fall Break 2006. Three teams of three students will race around beautiful Upstate New York, completing tasks to earn clues to a hidden location that they must arrive at by the end of each leg of the race. The final leg is an all-out race to the finish line, where the first team to arrive will be declared the winner.

The show will be shot documentary-style by three camera operators who will follow each team throughout the day. The style of this show will be similar to other race-driven reality shows like The Amazing Race or Cannonball Run.

The draw of “The Race” (working title) will be its interesting locales, its exciting challenges based on New York State culture and history, its strong competitive aspects, and the real-life drama created by the interplay of real students with a real passion to win. Viewers will surely find themselves rooting for certain teams and invested in the race elements of the show, and meanwhile they will discover that they are learning things that they never knew before about Upstate New York. The intention is that they will be inspired to go out and explore all of the wonderful attractions found in their own back yard.


(Outline how the show would be applying its function of mass media through these variables: surveillance, interpretation, linkage, transmission of values / socialization, & entertainment)

The Race is first-and-foremost, a travelogue that will take viewers to scenic locations in and around the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York. Tasks along the way will be based on New York culture and historic events which would allow instrumental surveillance,...
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