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  • Published : March 25, 2013
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Television Family Comedy Compared To Reality Family
My observation for this assignment is based upon the television show “Modern Family”. This show is hailed by Salon magazine and reviewed by Heather Havrilesky,” Instead of the usual family sitcom curse of clichés and bad "Full House" jokes, Modern Family captures the absurdities, quirks and freakish flaws of today's extended family in ways that feel lively, unique and just dark and mean-spirited enough to be...well, accurate.” I can relate to this sitcom because though my family is not perfect or traditional, we love each another possible more that ‘traditional families’.

In the sitcom there is an evident closeness of the family members. There are three families that make up one large extended family. As in my home, one on the families has a stepfather. Another branch of the extended family has mother, father and three children which is also similar to my family. In the last mentioned family the parents may argue, discuss and eventually talk to their children about topics trying to come to a happy medium between their two parenting styles. One is hokier, down to earth with the offspring while the other parent is much preachier and feels there is always a lesson to learn. This is comparable to my husband and me because we often are trying to raise our children correctly but with different backgrounds there are ultimately points that we cannot agree upon.

The views on this sitcom do not in any way effect my views about parenting and family. I applaud the show for its bold outlook on the homosexual couple portrayed each week. I find it their relationship realistic, though perhaps a slight overdone. I parent the way I do from my life experiences and will always do so. I feel in doing so has brought many generations of parenting to my sons. Without the influences of each generation how would any of us know how parent? “Modern Family” has had a positive influence of my idea of what family is to be. I like...
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