Tv Character Evaluation

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Appendix D

TV Character Evaluation

Part I
Freud, Jung, and Rogers made major contributions to the understanding of personality traits in humans. They are the pioneers of defining what human personality is and how it can affect the lives of all humans. Freud, Jung, and Rogers had laid the foundation for many generations of psychologists and are still used to this day.

Sigmund Freud a master of psychodynamic theorist, which he founded, gave us an understanding of our “id” the pleasure principle, our “ego” the reality principle, our “superego” our moral guardian or conscience and all together helps us function in society on a day to day basis. This theory is the basis that psychoanalysis, method of mind investigating, will follow to this day. . (Psychology; an introduction 12th ed)

Carl Jung was an analytical theorist who had an idea that all humans are born with a personal unconscious, a persons repressed thoughts, forgotten experience, or undeveloped thoughts. Jung claimed that our minds and body have unconsciously adapted to change over time through the DNA of our ancestors. Jung also developed the Jung personality test which categorized people into two groups, extroverts who are interested in other people and introverts who are mainly interested in themselves. The Jung Personality Test is a typical evaluation given to most people when seeing a psychologist. . (Psychology; an introduction 12th ed)

Carl Rogers based his views on humanistic theories believing that human personalities were based on personal experiences in life. Rogers thought that every person was born with a set behavior patter on how they will live their lives. He determined that if a child was raised with positive reinforcement they would live to a ripe old age and the children in a negative environment tend to have problems throughout life. . (Psychology; an introduction 12th ed)

TV Character as described by Freud, Jung, and Rogers; Dr. Greg House played by Hugh Laurie on...
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