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Tv Character Evaluation

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Tv Character Evaluation

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Appendix D

TV Character Evaluation

Part I

Write a summary of 350-700 words identifying the contributions of Freud, Jung, and Rogers.

Freud is best known and most influential of the psychodynamic theorists. Freud created an entirely new perspective on the study of human behavior. Unconscious is Freud’s theory, all the ideas, thoughts, and feelings of which we are not and normally cannot become aware. His ideas form the basis of psychoanalysis, a term that refers to both his theory of personality and to the form of therapy that he invented. According to Freud, human behavior is based on three kinds of unconscious instincts. Some instincts are aggressive and destructive, others such as hunger, thirst, and self-preservation are necessary to the survival of the individual, and the most critical factor in the development of personality. Jung embraced many of Freud’s tenets; however his beliefs differed from Freud’s in many ways. Jung saw the unconscious as the ego’s source of strength and vitality. He also believed that the unconscious consists of the personal unconscious and the collective unconscious. The collective unconscious comprises the memories and behavior patterns that are inherited from past generations and therefore are shared by all humans. Jung felt that specific archetypes play special roles in shaping personality. The persona is the element of our personality that we project to other people. Jung also divided people into two general attitude types, introverts and extroverts. Extroverts turn their attention to the external world and introverts are more caught up in their own private worlds. Rogers was one of the most prominent humanistic theorists, contended that men and women developed their personalities in the service of positive goals. According to Roger’s, people tend to become more fully functioning if they are brought up with unconditional positive regard, or the experience of being treated with warmth, respect, acceptance, ad...

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