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1. Traffic Wardens - Reasons:
- They charge excessive amounts of money against all kinds of people rich or poor - if foe example they have stayed in a car park over 5 minutes beyond the allotted time. - They restrict peoples freedoms and easy of movement.

- They allow people to park in areas, without putting bollards or obstructions in the way, they expect everybody not to park in those zones. It creates a cycle of anger and misery in peoples busy lives - They in turn do not stop or attempt to solve the problem - just cash in the money for the councils. 2. Banks, Building societies & bankers - Reasons:

The continuous banking charges, that are excessive and legally wrong because a 35 pounds charge to the customer costs about £2 to implement. Banks have made millions and indeed Billions of pounds in profit over the last 20 years at many peoples expense, through overblown interest charges and mortgage default payments for example. The top tie within these firms are paid gross bonuses and wages, that is extreme in an area of business. 3. Tv adverts.

- They are simply terrible and time consuming.
- Not watched by nearly 3/4 of the worlds population.
- Make people angry who are watching the programme and feel the need to change the channel during adverts to a programme that has less adverts. - Useful in some ways, such as getting something to eat or getting a drink during a film. But now-a-days people have the ability to pause the tv.

The topic I have chosen to talk about as something I hate most which is adverts. Whether its adverts on the television or in a magazine, they are all greatly irritating and I think many people will agree with me. I am going to talk about tele advertisements. Tele adverts are highly annoying and unwanted by everybody. For example, lets pretend you have just turned on the tele and have flicked onto an interesting movie. It's a horror film, your favourite. Your getting really into the movie and enjoying it, the suspense is...
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