Tv's Effect on Girls

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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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Television is one of the greatest twentieth century inventions. It has become so obligatory to people that it is almost unbelievable to not have a television in your home. Not only is it a piece of furniture, it is a type of entertainment, for all people of all ages. It is a source of advertisement and learning, with programs such as: cooking shows, arts and craft shows and news reports. While television is all of this, it also ruins Americans. It makes people lazy throughout the day and it kills the creativity of individuals. It makes people, specifically younger kids, more aggressive and possibly violent. When the television is on, it is capable of ruining family interactions. It is capable of taking over the minds of people in the younger generation. Television has positive and negative effects on people today, especially girls.

Television has had and still has a major impact on girls in the society. This impact is capable of being positive and negative. It has a lot to do with whose watching television and what shows they choose to watch. There are not too many positive effects from watching television, but one positive effect from watching television is that people can learn a lot from it. Some television shows can be uplifting, educational and motivational. When girls see strong, educated, independent women on television, they are motivated to be much like these women. When they see weak women, who are striving to become better, girls are inspired and motivated to be like these women or even better. A great example to support my view on this argument is a quote from “Study Says Girls Affected by Reality TV” written by Jamie Sotonoff found in the Daily Herald “Emily Davidson, 14, a Buffalo Grove High School freshman from Arlington Heights, said she was inspired by a "Project Runway" contestant who had HIV. "I thought, wow, if you had HIV and you could do that, imagine what I can do?" said Davidson, who is interested in fashion design. "There's...
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