Tutorial Questions for Caribbean History

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1. How significant was the rebellion in Jamaica (Christmas Rebellion) in 1831-2 as a cause of the passing of the Emancipation Act in 1833? 2. How significant a part did slaves play in ending slavery? 3. How important a factor was the resistance of the enslaved in bringing about emancipation in the Caribbean?

4. “The Emancipation Act (1833) favoured the planters more than the slaves.” Identify and discuss the parts of the Act which support this comment. 5. How similar were the terms of the emancipation laws for the Caribbean colonies of different European countries? 6. Why did the West India interest eventually accept legislation for the emancipation of slaves? 7. “The Act to emancipate slaves was more of a consequence than a cause of the economic decline of the sugar plantations in the WI.” Discuss.

8. The reason why slaves were emancipated was because plantation slavery had become unprofitable. Do you agree? 9. How important was humanitarian campaigning in bringing about slave emancipation in WI colonies? (You should illustrate your answer from 2 or more European countries.)

10. Why was slavery abolished earlier in the British than in the Spanish colonized Caribbean? 11. Why was the Spanish the last to emancipate their slaves? 12. Explain the factors which brought about the complete emancipation of slaves in Cuba from 1868 to 1886.

13. Explain why slave emancipation in the French colonies of Martinique and Guadeloupe finally came about in 1848. 14. Evaluate the factors which contributed to the emancipation of slaves in British and French Caribbean colonies. 15. Explain how emancipation was achieved in Haiti and other parts of the French Colonised Caribbean between 1794 and 1848.

16. Discuss the factors which account for the abolition of slavery in the British, French and Spanish colonies in the Caribbean. 17. Why was slavery abolished in the Caribbean?


1. Why and how did anti-slavery movements in Britain monitor the circumstances of the apprentices between 1834 and 1838? 2. In what ways and with what results did British humanitarians campaign on behalf of ex-slaves in the period after 1834? 3. Discuss the view that the apprenticeship system was ‘good in principle but bad in practice’. 4. “Sensible in principle but hopelessly inadequate in practice.” Discuss this judgement on the institution of the SM during the apprenticeship period. 5. To what extent were the SMs to be blamed for the failure of the BWI apprenticeship system? 6. How far and for what reason was the Emancipation Act of 1833 designed to preserve the inequalities of plantation society? 7. Examine the aims of the apprenticeship scheme in the British Caribbean and assess how effectively it worked. 8. Why did the apprenticeship system fail to fulfill the expectations of its authors? 9. Why was the apprenticeship scheme in the British Caribbean ended in 1838? 10. Why did the apprenticeship and patronato systems come to an end 2 years prematurely? 11. Neither the fears of the planters nor the hopes of the slaves were to be fulfilled between 1834 and 1838.” Discuss this comment on the working of apprenticeship. 12. “The apprenticeship system was the last stage of slavery rather than the 1st stage of freedom.” Discuss.

13. Examine the differences and similarities between the patronato in Cuba and the apprenticeship in the British colonized Caribbean. 14. Compare apprenticeship in the BWI with the patronato in Cuba and assess their respective results. 15. How successful were the transitional arrangements between enslavement and full freedom, such as apprenticeship and patronato? 16. With what justification can it be argued that the defects in the Emancipation Act and Patronato systems caused their failure?

17. How successfully did the schemes to...
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