Tutorial Class

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These days, student having tutorial schools has aroused wide concern among various circles. Most of the people especially parents think children must get a good result in examination if they go tutorial schools. Nevertheless, those people who oppose to it argue that tutorial schools will bring more pressure to students and lead they get the opposite result. Considering both sides of the arguments, I incline to support students do not have the tutorial schools. You may be curious that why I hold the opposite view with public? Many parents claim students can learn more knowledge which cannot learn in secondary schools and make students use time efficiency. However, I still believe that normal education is enough to students. The first and most important factor is that tutorial class is the trend. In recent years, no matter what performance the students get in school, all students will go to the tutorial class even their result is good in school. It is because they afraid the result will fall or lose if they don’t go. Because of this thought, many students have the tutorial class blindly. They don’t concern about whether the classes content is efficient or suit to them. Therefore, they cannot get the real improvement. In addition to this, many students like to follow their peers. As teenagers place their friends in important role, they always want to hang out together with them. They want to get a position among a group so they will join the team activities. As I have mentioned on the above paragraphs that many students having tutorial classes now. Therefore, if one people go to have tutorial classes, others are easily to follow. Also, if they go to have a class together, it is easy to out of concentrate. Hence, tutorial class is not efficient. Finally, I don’t agree with tutorial class can learn more knowledge which we can’t learn in normal school. Students always cannot concentrate in schools because they don’t need to pay fee so they don’t know how to...
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