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Topics: Audience, Psychology, Word problem for groups Pages: 1 (265 words) Published: April 10, 2013
This week’s tutorial mainly focuses on how to prepare and deliver an effective presentation. During the tutorial, there are two activities were organized.

The one activity is that each group prepares a presentation based on the topic “The Best Job All over the World”. It is a practical way to develop the logic thoughts. The different is that one member of each group would film the process of the group presentation. After the presentation, each group could know about their performance. In addition, they should analysis their non-verbal communication. It is the direct way to figure out the weakness about presenting and to get feedback from each other immediately.

The other one is that to operate a short presentation about a stuff which is chosen by groups. During the activity, the Monroe’s motivated sequence could be put into practice. However, during the preparing process, as far as I am concerned, how to draw audiences’ attention is the key point to make the presentation effective. Besides, the exploration of “Need” aspect is required to think more about the type of the audience. In that case, their needs would be satisfied and the information could be conveyed effectively.

However, as far as I am concerned, during the presentation, it is difficult to get audiences’ attention and sometimes they could not receive what you want them to get from the presentation or they would highlight the sub-important points instead of the key ones. In addition, the organization of the presentation, in other words, the logic thoughts of presentation, is significant and difficult to operate appropriately.
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