Tution Necessity or Not

Topics: Teacher, Education, School Pages: 2 (492 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Private tuition – is it necessary?
As far as I am concerned, private tuition is not necessary for me. I shall give some reasons. I find that if I pay attention in class when the teacher is teaching, it is adequate to see me trough my lessons and homework. If there is any doubt I can always ask the teacher concerned. Today most of the things taught in school are not too difficult to follow, as long as I do not neglect my work. Mathematics, Science, Geography, History, and English are not that difficult to handle provided I take an interest in them and put in some genuine effort. So in all years in school I never had to have any private tuition. Yet I can get through my examinations without any problem. I notice that my classmates who take private tuition are usually not interested in their studies. In class they have a “couldn’t-be-bothered” attitude thinking that their tuition teachers will cover the lessons for them later. What they do not realize is that it is so much easier to pay attention in class than having to spend extra time in the afternoons just to cover up for the wasted time in school. The extra time can easily be spent for other more constructive things than having to repeat a lesson. Also private tutors do not come cheap. The parents have to fork out a considerable sum of money for the services of the tutors who are ordinary teachers anyway.The trouble with taking private tuition is that the students can become too dependent on the tutors and cannot function on their own. Everything has to be spoon-fed.Private tuition is only necessary if the child is really weak in certain subjects. But nowadays it is trendy to go to tutorial centers or engage private tutors. Whether private tuition does really improve the performance of an ordinary student is debatable. Some of my classmates take private tuition. I do not see them doing exceptionally well in tests and examinations. Some of them still fail. Those who do not take private tuition perform just...
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