Tutee Report

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Final Tutee Report
Summary and Introduction
Over the past few weeks of working with my tutee Manuel, I have learned a fairly good amount about his strengths, weaknesses, such as his ability to understand comprehension or his struggling decoding of long, multi-syllabled words, and the progress he’s made over the time we’ve worked together. In this report I will be talking about my tutee’s attitude, work habits, learning style, comprehension skills, and other observations I have made through the tutoring session. Motivation, Interests, and Confidence

I have noticed that Manuel has a fairly good attitude towards working when given a slight push, but his reading is hesitant and doesn’t have the willingness to learn. He doesn’t ask for clarification or questions to things he may not understand in a text unless I asked him if he knew the meaning of the word. He would do his best to decode, but would be confused. After pronouncing it right, he would move on and when I would ask him about the word, he would tell me that he doesn’t know what it means. For example, we were reading a text where the word alibi came up and he started to say it but gave up. I would try to help him separate syllables, but he wouldn’t be able to pronounce them properly and get frustrated. After I would tell him how to say it, he would repeat it after me and continue to read the text. When we had finished reading, I asked him what alibi meant and he had no idea, which is when I told him. When working with Manuel, I have noticed that he didn’t have all the proper materials needed for class. He would have a pen or pencil, but had no binder and had all his notes freely lying in his backpack unorganized and scattered. When given in class work, he isn’t able to do it very efficiently and requires constant guidance. The same goes when it comes to homework, but in that case, he doesn’t do the work at all. Manuel doesn’t have many hobbies and prefers to hang out with his friends and go to parties....
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