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There are many mysteries behind the sudden death of Tutankhamen. Some historians, Egyptologists, and scientists have been puzzled for many years as to if Tutankhamen was murdered due to greed and power while others believe he died from an illness. Some scientists believed that they had solved the mystery by stating that he fell from a fast moving chariot while out hunting in the desert. Speculation surrounding Tutankhamen’s death has been rife since his tomb was broken into in 1922 by archaeologist Howard Carter. X-rays of the mummy taken in 1968 indicated a swelling at the base of the skull, suggesting “King Tut” was killed by a blow to the head. More recent studies using CT medical scanner however, revealed he suffered a badly broken leg, just above his knee just before he died. That in turn probably led to lethal blood poisoning. Now further evidence has come to light suggesting that he suffered the fracture while hunting game from a chariot. The theory of murder. If Tutankhamen was murdered some research and evidence point to a few limited servants that could have been responsible for his death. Their motives were likely centered on greed or the changing environment Akhenaten (King Tut’s father) had created upon his death. It was a known fact that Akhenaten brought about in Egypt. He had pushed the idea of one god and the concept went against everything the Ancient Egyptians believed...
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