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The topic I will write about is the mystery behind King Tutankhem's death. King Tutankhamen died around the age of 18 years old. However, no one has been able to accurately confirm the cause of his death. There are many various speculations on the cause of his death since the discovery of his tomb in 1922. Some people say he was murdered because of his father, while others believe he died from an injury or illness. Was King Tutankhamen murdered, died of an injury or was his death caused by an illness? "1968 X-ray of King Tutankhamen corpse showed a sliver of bone floating in his brain cavity and a dense mass at the base of his skull that could have been a hematoma, or massive blood clot-evidence that Tut might have suffered a fatal blow to the back of the head" (Anonymous, 2003). This why some believe King Tutankhamen was murdered and murdered by someone close to him or his family because of power and the dislike of his father Akhenaton. Others believe that King Tutankhamen death was caused by malaria or other illness. As published in the Journals of American Medical Association, researchers say that King Tutankhamen "had genetic traces of malaria tropica, the most severe form of the infection" (NYTimes.com, 2010). According to A.R. Williams, (2005) some believe, for instance, that a fracture above the left knee was Carter's fault. Others think it may be the result of an accident or assault that led to Tut's demise after a virulent infection set in and spread. I believe in the theory that King Tutankhamen died because of malaria or other illness. The theory of skull fracture or death really can’t be confirmed as his body was embalmed and damaged during burial and damaged with the removal of his corpse once his tomb was discovered. The theory of the disease sounds more accurate to me and the fact that they have found traces of malaria in his DNA.


Anonymous (2003, January 24). CSI Egypt: Who killed King Tut? Current...
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