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Stephen Crane’s novel, The Red Badge of Courage, introduces the obstacles a young man faces throughout his days in the Civil War. The novel takes you through the different range of emotions that Henry Fleming the main character experiences during the war. Henry facing an internal conflict experiences excitement, fear, guilt, and pride. Henry, also known as the youth, was excited to go to war. However while on the battle field fear surpasses Henry and he run off to go hide. Henry then suffers greatly from guilt believing he abandoned his comrades. Once Henry overcomes his guilt he afterwards senses pride, for the reason that he led his regiment and carried the flag in the final battle. Although Stephen Crane provides us with excellent details, the book was confusing for I did not understand the language used in the book.

The dialogue in Stephen Crane’s novel was very confusing therefor I did not understand what the characters were saying. While reading I could not comprehend what page 16 was saying, “they’ve licked us about every clip to now; but this time-this time-we’ll lick’em good!” I feel that Stephen Crane should have used a different dialogue so his readers could understand what he’s saying. As I was reading I noticed that the vocabulary was different and very funny. For example on page 57 the vocabulary is confusing but very entertaining’ “Well he was a reg’lar jim-dandy fer nerve, wa’nt he.” The word “jim-dandy” was funny and different compared to modern day vocabulary. I would have liked the book more if I could understand the dialogue, and if there was more humorous wards like “jim-dandy”.

Crane uses many different literary elements but the one that interest me more was his use of personification. His usage of personification on page 46 helped me picture and understand what was going on in the book, “Pine needles were a gentle brown carpet.” I was able to picture what Henry was seeing almost as if I was with Henry in the forest....
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