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  • Published : January 30, 2013
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Chapter 9 Turning Point Activity; Chapter 9 marks a turning point in the novel. Up to now, Tom’s adventures have been play and make-believe. In the scene at the graveyard, he and Huck witness real evil. Tom is forced to make life or death decisions. Analyze this chapter, addressing such questions as the following: How does Twain create the frightening atmosphere in the graveyard? To what senses does he appeal? How does he use foreshadowing – clues planted by author that point to events to come – to prepare the read for the change in the mood? End your analysis by making a prediction about how you think the events Tom and Huck witness will affect the rest of the novel. The chapter 9 adventure begins with Tom sneaking out of bed to go to the graveyard with Huck, they wanted to see devils so they hid by a grave and waited for them to appear. All of a sudden, they see three figures approaching, and they believe they are the devils they so badly wanted to see but they then realize that the vultures they see are not devils, but adults. The first face Tom and Huck recognize is Dr. Robinsons and they then see that Injun Joe and Muff Potter are the other two adults. They hear Dr. Robinson asking Injun Joe and Muff to dig up Hoss William’s corpse, and after they do what they’re asked, Muff demands more money for the ‘job’ and this is refused to him. Injun Joe brings up an old incident and reminds Dr. Robinson that he will get his revenge and a fight starts up. Injun Joe is knocked down by Robinson and during this scuffle and shuffle, Potter is knocked unconscious. After that, Injun Joe stabs Dr. Robinson with a knife Potter was carrying. This is when Tom and Huck become truly terrified of what would happen next, so they flee the scene as fast as they can. When Potter comes back to conscience, he asks what happened and Injun Joe takes advantage of the fact Potter doesn’t remember what happened to convince him that he was...
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