Turning Ineffective Employees and Bosses into Performers: The New World Order

Topics: Management, Employment, Human resource management Pages: 36 (13044 words) Published: May 9, 2011

By: Dr. Tiffany Jordan, PhD Professor and Researcher of International Business and Management Universidad Autonoma de Bucaramanga Doctor_Tiffany@excite.com Doctor_Tiffdany@yahoo.com

September, 2002

Abstract: The objectives of this paper is to: (I) examine the underlying issues of poor performers in organizations and to better understand the causal relationship between leadership style and subordinate performance; (ii) to explore the perceptions of how bosses and subordinates mutually influence each other's behavior; and (iii) it is intended to heighten the readers’ awareness on some of the issues and problems that can cause poor performance. The analysis of this research suggests that there is a cause and effect relationship between management and subordinate, which may contribute to poor performance, and offer guidelines for improvement.

Key Terms Human Resources, Organizational Behavior, Productivity, Performance Measure, Performance Behavior, Performance Appraisal, Managing Workers.

Resume *Tiffany Jordan, Ph.D./DBA., International Business/Management Advanced Graduate Business Certification in Management Teacher Business & Gifted Education Certification, State of Florida Master of Business Administration Bachelor of Science Train the Trainer

Table of Contents Introduction Who exactly is a poor Performer Causes of problem employees The Primitive Organization Old World Order Management Ineffective Employees: Whose Fault is it? The Employee Factors related to the employee Set Up to Fail Syndrome Personality and Behavior The Manager Factors related to the manager Creating In Crowd and Out Crowd Boss’ Behavior with Strong Performers Boss’ Behavior with Weak Performers The Job Factors related to the job The Organization Factors related to the organization Dealing with the Causes The relationship aspect of the problem Managing Ineffective Performers The Control Model for Managing Ineffective Performers Explanation and Steps Three Types of Disciplinary Action Communication using Meetings Meeting Don’t Have to be Dull The Behaviorists Models New World Order Management How Managers Should Manage How to be an Effective Leader Improving Leadership Skills Forms of Leadership Leadership in the New World Order Conclusion Definition Works Cited

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INTRODUCTION I very much detest the word “boss,” which connotates pictures of oppression and a hierarchical structure that “the boss has all the answers.” But for the purpose of clarity, I will use it in this instance. Recent analyses remind us daily that we're heading - or perhaps careening - into the New Order where former approaches to organizing and getting work done are obsolete. No longer can organization use outdated strategies to manage employees. Because change is constant and unpredictable; markets are unstable; technological innovation is explosive and on a dramatically steep gradient; hierarchies change into networks, bosses into coaches, and jobs into ever changing bundles of shifting task assignments (Shapiro and Carr, 1991). Organizations are adapting along lines that merge into a fairly consistent pool of policies and procedures. In fact, the possibility of using previously effective strategies may be completely ineffective today in improving the effectiveness of others. The profound uncertainty and turbulence that characterizes the world in which work occurs can compound the parallels between external reality and the sometimes unrealistic inner world. This is in keeping with Harold Bridger's (1995) observation that today's environment actually mirrors unconscious processes much more closely than in the past because it’s often contradictory, unpredictable, multilayered, and non-rational in qualities. More specifically, the great vulnerability and insecurity characteristic of...
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