Turning Dreams Into Reality

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Have you ever laid awake nights wondering if there was more to life? I have spent many a sleepless night pondering such a question. I finally realized that I needed to make more out of my life to be happy. I had to do a lot of soul searching to discover what was missing. The biggest thing that was missing from my life was a fulfilling career. I had always wanted to be a preschool teacher and one day run my own school. In order to turn my dream into a reality I knew it was time to go back to college. Returning to school would not be easy and there is a lot I needed to do to prepare for the challenge such as develop an academic plan, research programs and colleges, select a college that was right for me, fulfill enrollment requirements, and modify my lifestyle.

The first thing I did was to come up with an academic plan that would help me reach my career goals. In this plan, I included what I would need to take in college, what degrees I would need to earn, what colleges offered the best programs for me, and how I would pay for my education. Before I could put my plan into action I had to do research. To decide what degree programs would help me meet my career goals I did a lot of research. I surfed the web for information, I contacted preschools and asked professionals about their education, and I contacted a counselor at my local college to advise me on the matter. Once I narrowed down what I needed to take in college it was time to pick a school and explore how I would finance my education. I researched colleges that offered the programs I was interested in taking. I quickly discovered that there were many different options and I needed to narrow down my choices. I made a list of specific criteria that I needed a school to fulfill. Some of the things I was looking for were an online college that had a good reputation. I wanted to make sure the school had a good graduation rate for students, that they were accredited and...
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