Turned Him

Topics: Childhood, Youth, The Streets Pages: 2 (471 words) Published: January 23, 2011
Summary of The forces that turned Baba around.

The history is about the 16-year-old Babatonte, or Baba as his friends call him. He went at St Aloysius college in Highgate. He haven't had an easy childhood and that has effected his education. When he was 12, he had been suspended from school about 5 times. Every time he was suspended from school, he only saw it as holyday. Baba describes him selves as a bad boy there vandalising school property, truanting and getting into figths. At the first year of college, Baba had alot of problems. But later on he went to his second year at college. His plan for the future are being an actor. He has just been in a movie at the college that went out very good. The students are spending 2 days a week learning how to, climb a rock, sail a canoe and camping. And they also have been taught first aid, how to cook and carpentry.

In the tekst about Baba ánd in tekst two Coming of the ropes, is the attitude possitive. Childrens with problems can't be pushed, like every other childrens, but instead they need help. They need to get some self-confidense. In tekst three, called The single bullet that broke a community's heart, and in tekst four, called Out on the streets, the kids are scared too, the two teksts have a bad attitude, but they mean that young children can be good if they just have some places to be and to chill out, instead of doing it at public places.

Comment on the statement
Boys are useing more violence than word, rather than girls who are useing more words than violence. Girls are generally better to express their feelings and talk about their problems. Boys can't express their feelings as good as girls, and they are getting a feeling, that they are been defeated, if they are talking about their feelings.

Some of the things that could be keeping teenagers out trouble is if the young people maybe has a bad childhood, I think something there could help them, would be if there were some adults there could help...
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