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  • Published : February 10, 2013
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Ancient Greeks and Roman
Ancient Greeks| Ancient Romans|
* Thrived in the 5th century B.C. * Social systems were divided into five categories: slaves, freedmen, metics, citizens and women. * Women were considered property of their husbands. * Women had no rights, no free will and no citizenship. * Were responsible for incorporating three different architecture styles: Corinthian, Doric and Ionic. * Greek architecture inspired the Romans. * Chose to use statuesque figures honoring the human form. * Used materials like plaster, wood, marble and metals to create their architecture. * Mythological stories from the Greek culture were adopted by the Romans with minor changes to names and certain situations. * Focused on their behavior on the now, never planning on life after death. * Greece was surrounded by mountains and a coastline, for this reason, it was to maintain control of its surrounding areas. * Because of ancient Greece's geography, the city-states that grew in the Mediterranean peninsula became increasingly isolated. * Cities had strict rules forbidding the creation of a Greek empire. * Surrounding city-states were essentially barred from citizenship, meaning no one city-state could become dominant. * The city-states that grew in the Mediterranean peninsula became increasingly isolated. * Survived off of small self-sufficient wheat-producing farms.| * Didn’t thrive for hundreds of years later after Greece. * Society was divided into four different categories: freedmen, slaves, plebeians, and patricians. * Women weren’t treated as lesser individuals. * Women were considered citizens, if they were not born into slavery. * Women eventually gained the right to own land, run businesses, inherit wealth, work a job and make wills. * Women gained a sense of freedom to participate in daily social life. * Women were not able to hold political offices or vote. * Adopted Grecian style however they...
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